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How do you want to watch Small is Beautiful?

direct download small is beautiful

My favourite place to watch documentaries is on my laptop. I love being able to download the film directly from the filmmakers off their website and watch whenever I want to.

This is why the first place you’ll be able to get Small is Beautiful?is from our website.

However I realise I’m not the only one who is going to watch?Small is Beautiful?and I’d love to know:

How you would like to watch it?

I want to try and bring as many of these options to you as possible. We’re most likely to choose the most popular. If you want to watch the film in a specific way, vote below!

p.s. Have you watched our new trailer?


  • Joey

    Direct download would be the most versatile solution, as we would not be limited to watching through a specific program such as iTunes :)

  • Vimeo on demand is fine, rental / buy.

  • Jenna


    • Thanks Jenna!

      We might do Netflix in a year or so. They’re a little bit evil towards the film makers unfortunately :(

  • Nathan

    Vimeo on Demand, with option to rent/buy/stream/download

  • Taylor Gorman

    Direct download is great, because I can watch the file however I want, but the advantage of iTunes is never having to keep track of the file because iTunes has record I purchased it, or carry it with me because I can stream it.

  • melissa bee

    I’d love any format that could be streamed using my Roku – so Amazon works, and I believe Vimeo might also work with Roku.

    • Awesome Melissa.

      I just checked VHX (how we’re making the download available through our website) and they support Roku.

      Check it out here:

      • melissa bee


  • ben howe


    • Elizabeth Patterson

      Definatley netflix!

  • Scott Vassell-Pittman

    Direct download is best.

  • Danielle Nicole Copeland

    I might be the weirdo in the room here, but I personally prefer to have a physical copy of my movies, music, and games, whether that’s in DVD or Blue Ray format. This allows me to put it on as many devices as I want, take it to a friend’s house, or even just to have a back up. Maybe you could do a Limited Edition hard copy release, with special bonus content, autographs, etc.? Then you’d save money by not having to pay for it to be produced long term, and the 4% (so far) of us that want a hard copy and the die hard Small Is Beautiful fans could get what we wanted as well. Just some thoughts :)
    Also the new trailer is wonderful! Keep up the great work!

    • Teri Foster

      Me too, I want a DVD so I can loan it out when I get lots of questions from family & friends about why I will build one!

  • Stream online. Don’t have a preference where it would be from…

  • Jacob

    Definitely a simple direct download/stream. The less affiliation with a 3rd party system the better and more universally accessible it will be :)

  • Katie

    LOVE the film! From a fellow small-house-dweller (I live in my converted Ford Transit in the Alps and write about it on my blog, Je Suis Une Monstre). XXX

  • Gabriella Stupakoff Morrison


  • Tina Stepan

    Voted for direct download, but would also love to be able to consider possibly buying dvd to have in collection i definately!

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