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Small is Beautiful – Release Date is here!

Small is Beautiful: A Tiny House documentary will be available worldwide for download via out website, iTunes, Vimeo on Demand from the 30th of April! I give the full run down in the quick update video below, click play.

What went into making the film?

I thought I’d make the film as a way to research tiny houses for myself so I could build one. I thought I’d be done in 3 months, and just pop up a video on my website. Now nearly two years later, I’ve spent all of my savings, had dozens and dozens of people help make the film and it’s become so much more than I could have every hoped for! Thanks to everyone who has helped along the way. Thank you for your patience with us getting this film out there!

Some very kind friends of mine let me stay in there backyard for 8 weeks while we were editing (with florence our super star editor). In the backyard, I lived in a swag (a swag, for those who don’t know is a canvas tent/sleeping bag type thing) and it looks like this.


Now, it’s very far from a tiny house – but it is definitely tiny living!

After all of this and the original plan to make my own tiny house – I now have a documentary about tiny houses, know loads about them and what goes into making one, but I don’t have my own tiny house, haha!

editing 1 editing 3
grade 2


What is one thing that is stopping you from building your own tiny house right now??Comment below and let me know.

How to help?

If you think someone you know might be excited by the film, please like and share this and help us get the tiny house movement to as many people as we can. This is a tiny, independent team making this happen. We appreciate your support so much!




  • James

    What’s keeping me from building my tiny house?

    You are! I’m off down the drive to continue working on it now though.

    Looking forward to the release!

  • Off got to finish paying off my car (I’m almost there), then I need to save and get a loan and decide what kind of tiny house I want!

    • I wish you all the best Pamela! I sold my car years ago and switched to a bike + public transport. Saves me loads of money a year! But it does get chilly in winter, haha!

  • Andrea Schaffer

    Looking forward to the film! What’s got me stuck on ‘Pause’ is where to park/build my tiny dream house! Hopefully will resolve this soon!

  • Nick L

    What’s stopping me right now? Working in Afghanistan. Once that’s done, I’m all for it.

    Looking forward to the film.


    • Thanks for the kind words Nick! All in good time man, you’ll be on your way. Cheers

  • Sarah Wason

    My boyfriend and I want our tiny house on a foundation, so the biggest thing in our way is location: a town with two perfect jobs, and a great piece of land.

    • Absolutely do-able Sarah! It’ll happen, just try and start with one of those pieces of the puzzle at a time :)

  • Wende Kirckhoff

    the sale of this house is holding up building my dream home..550 sq. ft of pure joy..i’m so looking forward to watching your i can’t imagine living in that bag for even 8 hrs.!!

    • Hahah thanks Wende! It’s actually really warm… Can be a bit claustrophobic, but I had to do what I had to do to get it done! All the best for the sale of the house!

      • Wende Kirckhoff

        you know i never even thought about it being sure went above and beyond for sure..a Big Thanks to you for that.!

  • Debbie MacLean Rossman

    We lost our home 3 yrs ago. So, we cannot get a loan to build our own home. We want to build a 400 sf house on a slab for us……with a 200 sf home in the next lot to use as a model.
    I am talking with zoning people to have a community built, though.

    • Good luck Debbie, I really hope you succeed with the zoning + community!

  • Christine Lakeman

    I guess what’s stopping me is land to build it on …. And not know il all the regulations etc about building tiny houses :)

  • Sarah Nelson

    Nothing standing in the way but the finances. On the road to saving up the money to build but it’s a tough wait!! Can’t wait to see the film and be more inspired than ever!

  • Teri Foster

    I’m clearing out my big house (+garage & basement) so I can put it on the market. Once it’s sold it will be little-house-building time for me!

    • Fantastic Teri! I don’t envy your position to have to clear our the garage + basement, but the good news is once its done, you won’t ever have to do that again!

  • Jet Regan

    Figuring out financing now, then I’ll be on my way to tiny!

  • Jacob

    NOTHING! Building in-progress! but you already knew that ;) nice to meet you in Portland last weekend. Looking forward to the film :)

    • Nice to meet you too man! Keep up the videos and good luck w/ the build :)

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