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What the freaking hell is this?

Small is Beautiful is a tiny house documentary film in the making. 

As we meet more people and share their stories we’ll be adding more videos, keeping you up to date with our progress. You can follow the film-making journey, as well as see some of the beautiful tiny spaces people are living in, by subscribing below!

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Featured on The Huffington Post - Tiny House Film

We were featured on The Huffington Post today “Jeremy Beasley, Filmmaker, Captivates Us With Tiny Home Stories From Real People (VIDEO)“ Click the image below to see the whole article.  Spotted us else where? Hit us up in the comments below or tweet us

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Help translate Small is Beautiful into more languages

We want to be able to share the tiny house movement with as many people, in as many countries as possible. We’re currently working on English and Spanish subtitles and want to know; what language would like to watch?Small is Beautiful?in? So far we have people interested in: – Spanish – French We’d love to

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