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Shockingly Simple Electrical for Tiny Houses!

Howdy, folks!

For many people, the most daunting aspect of building a tiny house or other alternative dwelling is the electrical system. Today we want to tell you about a great resource on electrical systems: A new ebook by Ryan Mitchell of called Shockingly Simple Electrical.

Shockingly Simple Electrical is a clear and concise introduction to home electrical systems for laypeople. (I have very little familiarity with electrical systems and zero hands-on experience, and happily found it easy to read and understand!) After presenting the key terminology you’ll encounter in the electrical world, the home electrical system is introduced, illustrated with clear photos and diagrams of circuits, panels and wiring. It stresses precautionary measures and tools to keep you safe and confident throughout all stages of the process.

The guide encourages crafting a plan for your electrical system based on your unique needs and usage, and provides a worksheet for tracking and calculating this. “Consider future needs… keep in mind things you know are on the horizon such as a new baby, home-based business, hobbies etc.”?It also includes tips on ways you may simplify your life as you downsize into a smaller house, thereby reducing your electricity needs.

Lastly, the guide poses the pros, cons and logistics of on- and off-grid systems, as well as offering an overview of alternative energy options (solar, hydro and wind power) including their components, pros and cons of each system and trends in cost and efficiency.

Most builders will still need to consult with a professional electrician at some point during the process, but Shockingly Simple Electrical will equip you with the knowledge and confidence you need to begin your electrical system journey, and for the more adventurous, even accomplish a significant portion of the work yourself.

Grab yourself a copy here:?

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