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Tiny House Mixer at Caravan – The Tiny House Hotel in Portland

This is a guest post by PAD tiny houses.


A couple of extra-exciting things are happening in April, so we?ve turned our free, monthly Tiny House Mixer into an extra-special event. If you?re in Portland on Friday, April 17th, you?re in luck! And a few more tiny house folks might be in Portland that day than usual because the Tiny House Conference is in Portland on Saturday and Sunday.

The Tiny House Conference

Ryan from The Tiny Life is hosting the 2nd annual Tiny House Conference, this year in Portland. We had a great time at last year?s conference and we?ll be swinging by this year?s conference to chat and learn. Check it out if you want to join us ? tickets are still available. But before the weekend gets rolling, we want to welcome people to the city with a special event at the Caravan Tiny House Hotel! From 3:00 to 5:00 pm on Friday, Caravan will open their six unique, custom-built tiny houses for self-guided tours. We?ll also gather people up like we do during every Tiny House Mixer and introduce experts in the tiny house community, from near and far! (Small is Beautiful will be there too!)

The houses close for touring at 5:00, but the party will keep rolling. Caravan will host an evening of music, beer, s?mores and an outdoor fire so folks will have plenty of time to hang out and meet each other. So if you?re coming into town for the Tiny House Conference, come on down, look around and say hello!

The Big Tiny Paperback Preview

The-Big-Tiny-jacketWe?re also celebrating in April because Dee?s book, The Big Tiny, comes out in paperback on Earth Day, April 22! While the paperback won?t be in stores until the 22nd, we?ll have local bookseller Vintage Books on hand selling early copies. Dee will be around to sign them, and is also bringing her tiny house-away-from-home, Jolene, to the Caravan party!

As with all of our mixers, this event is a great opportunity for long-standing members of the tiny house community to get together, and for newly-interested folks to learn more about the movement. RSVP now and we?ll see you there!



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