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The Tiny House Survey 2015

A couple of years back we posted some Tiny house infographics. All of the data and statistics came from a tiny house survey. After a long chat with Ryan, he shared the data with us and we had the talented Selena Kearney?make some pretty infographics. Now, combined with a bunch of people in the tiny house world, we’re trying to help gather more interesting info about tiny houses in 2015.

Tiny house survey infographic

Original post by Ryan Mitchell – The Tiny Life

“Every few years many of us in the tiny house movement rally to take the pulse of our community.? Who are tiny house folks, what kind of houses do they live in, and how many tiny houses are out there.? This survey is for people live in tiny houses now and those who hope to live in one some day.? The survey asks a bunch of questions on demographics, about your house, your life and what you’d like to see in the movement.

The survey is of course optional, but we really hope you make your voice heard.? All the responses are kept 100% anonymous, (in fact no identifying information is collected) they aren’t used for commercial use and participating helps us get a better picture of the movement.? The raw data is used to run statistical analysis and the results are shared back with the community.? We also provide data to academic institutions who are doing studies on tiny houses.”

Here is the tiny house survey, we hope you’ll make your voice heard in this:


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