The Movie

The Movie

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Download or rent the feature film. Download for $12.99 or rent for 48 hours for $7.99. Includes Subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Japanese.

Special Edition

Special Edition

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Download the feature film as well as 7 bonus videos, 130 mins of content
- Building codes and what the future holds
- Dee Williams: “What does the Tiny House Community mean to me?
- Nikki & Mitchell Extended Interview
- and much more

Super Mega Deluxe Edition

Super Mega Deluxe Edition

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Download the feature film as well as download 24 bonus videos. Over 230 mins of content.
- Building and Zoning 101
- The Tiny House Hotel
- Opportunity Village in Eugene
- Extended inteviews

- The Movie Soundtrack + much more.

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Masterfully filmed, scored and edited documentary. Small Is Beautiful is a daringly honest and bold documentary that all of humanity can benefit from.

– Gabriella Morrison,

The film paints such a real picture and tells the human side of the story so well. Love this movie!

– Michael Janzen,

…explored deeper into the lives of the tiny house people in ways that we haven’t seen in other documentaries. It covers the docket of emotions that accompanies building a tiny home.

– Kelly Ross,

Much of the film works to de-romanticise building and living in a tiny house, and to complicate what could be seen as an idyllic… There’s also a strong focus on what drives people to build a house small enough to tow. Hint: it’s about more than freedom from mortgages.

– Will Cox, Broadsheet

It captures the heart, independent spirit, creativity, and determination of those behind the movement. It is an inspiring piece about the struggles that we can all relate to when finding a place to call home.

– Derin Williams, Shelterwise

More than Tiny houses are cool… It’s very powerful. Not to mention how gorgeous the whole thing was.

– Zach, Project Wosho