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“The best tiny house documentary to date”

Alek Lisefski

“Daringly honest… bold”

Gabriella Morrison

“The human side of the story”

Michael Janzen

“deeper into the lives of tiny house people in ways we haven't seen”

Kelly Ross

“I laughed… I cried”

Dee Williams

“#1 human interest documentary”

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About the documentary

Small is Beautiful – follows four people as they try to gain independence by building their own tiny house, but their desire to live tiny is more difficult than they imagine.

Matt Hickman, writes “… It shows that tiny house building isn’t the proverbial walk in the park that it’s often made out to be. It’s hard.

And it’s in discussing these hardships that Small is Beautiful – a rare and incredibly poignant documentary about small living that manages to choke you up – really shines.”

The independently made documentary looks at the honest and vulnerable side of people choosing to build their own tiny house.

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Short Synopsis

In Portland, Oregon, we meet four characters, each of whom are at various stages of building and living in their own tiny homes. Ben is a 20 something single guy with an inheritance to spend and a design he drew, but an ambitious timeline and no building experience. Nikki and Mitchell are a young couple who, along with their two dogs, dream of bucking the strereotypical life style of buying a big house and spending the rest of their lives trying to pay it off. Karen, 50, has loved living in her tiny house for two years yet still struggles with the lack of permanency that comes with living in a house on wheels.


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