How to host a public screening of Small is Beautiful

To host a public screening in your community you need to buy a once off screening license. The price depends on if you’re selling tickets and how large the venue is.

All prices are in US dollars.

Option 1: A Non-ticketed Screening

Host a community screening where the audience won’t be charged for entry. Price based on Venue capacity.

<60 people $200
60 – 150 people $300
150 – 300 people $500
300+ $800

Click here to purchase a non-ticketed screening license


Option 2: A Ticketed Screening

Choose this option if you’re selling tickets to the screening.

<60 people $200
60 -120 people $500
120-250 people $1000
250-500 people $1500

Click here to purchase a ticketed screening license


Option 3: Screening at Educational Institutions

This allows an educational institution to screen the film to an unlimited number of students using the DVD or HD file. Price $250.

Click here to purchase an education license