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Written by Jeremy Beasley • Behind the Scenes

Meet More of the People in our Tiny House Film!

Happy Monday, folks! We’re real happy, because now we get to introduce you to more of our new friends from the Tiny House Film. Filming their stories has been a pleasure and an affirmation of our journey. We can’t wait to share them with you!

Eric, an experienced designer/ builder and material-salvager, undertakes his first tiny home project, ?Skyline?. Though he’s not actually planning on living in it, the process has led him to think about whether he could live in a tiny home himself.

Matt, co-owner of Green Anchors, is helping to transform a former riverfront industrial brownfield into a thriving hub of sustainable business and community development. So far two tiny houses are being built on site. ??

After a trip to Africa a few years back, Derin and his wife were inspired by the tight-knit communities and the way people took care of each other. They created Shelter Wise as part of their vision of urban community-building.

At Caravan- The Tiny House Hotel, Kol and Deb offer guests the opportunity to experience tiny house living in Northeast Portland. Kol helps us understand what the zoning codes mean for the legality of living in tiny houses. ?

For April, a PhD student in environmental literature, living in a tiny house was not only a financial no-brainer, it also gave a sense of congruence to her life. Tiny house living both reflects and balances out her academic life.

Nikki and Mitchell are building a tiny house because they want to trade the 9-5 for a different kind of life- one where they are in touch with life-sustaining activities like growing food for themselves and their community.


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