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You Have Too Much Shit and Tiny Houses

Guest post by: Chris Thomas   Earlier this year, I published a tiny self-help book. It?s called ?You Have Too Much Shit,? and is intended as a short, sharp kick to the nuts of the materially well-endowed. I?m not into self-help books. I certainly never thought I?d write one. But the subject of our obsession . Read More.

Small is Beautiful – Notebooks

We collaborated with illustrator Melissa Rachel Black and Portland-based Scout Books, to create a beautiful, environmentally-friendly notebook for all you dreamers and tiny housers out there. Why did we create these notebooks? Inspiration. We love dreaming, and therefore we love notebooks and sketchbooks. In fact, Small is Beautiful was first conceived on notebooks in Airbnb . Read More.

In search of a Portland, OR based...

Are you a Portland, OR based Illustrator/artist? Or know someone who is? Awesome. We wanna collaborate with you! We?re looking to create artwork based around our tiny house documentary.  [Not based in Portland, but able to work remotely? It might work, let?s chat] You?re a passionate, drawing-loving, legend-face with skillz. You draw for fun, for love and . Read More.