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Hannah’s Tiny House in Seattle

Whilst attending the?screening of Small is Beautiful, Jeremy was able to stay in Hannah’s?this?beautiful tiny house in Seattle on Airbnb,?gave it a whirl and loved the experience.?Here is an interview with host?Hannah discussing the ins and outs of building her?’Maiden Mansion’. When did you build your tiny house and long have you been living in . Read More.

Interview with Logan Smith & Tammy...

Being between filming phases is giving us the opportunity to continue chatting with tiny housers far and wide. This week, we’re sharing Logan and Tammy’s story from a recent email interview.?Logan writes Smalltopia and Tammy writes RowdyKittens. Logan and Tammy?document their?downsizing journey?beautifully?(including the switch from?cars to bikes?and the?refrigerator experiment)?on their blogs. Through their blogs and . Read More.