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Written by Jeremy Beasley • Behind the Scenes

Meet the People in our Tiny House Film

We?ve just wrapped up three weeks of filming here in Portland (aka the tiny house capital of the universe!). As ?phase one? of the Tiny House Film project concludes, we?re feeling connected, inspired, and pretty darn excited to share the stories of tiny house people with the world. The folks we?ve interviewed have been incredibly generous in sharing their time and stories with us; they have shaped our understanding of the tiny house movement and thus the film itself.

It is a journey into the tiny house movement. The movement runs deeper than trends or aesthetic. It is an organic response to the societal constraints keeping people from fulfilling their life?s potential.   

What?s happening here makes our little hearts go pitter patter… It makes us want to give hugs to the world. We?re just a tiny little bit excited to share it with you!

But it might take a while to sort through twenty hours of footage, so for now? here?s a glimpse of some of the lovely people we?ve had the privilege of filming. And stay tuned on Monday to meet the rest of our new friends.


Tiny house dweller, designer, builder, teacher, blogger, advocate, community-builder and cat lover, Lina shares a unique and well-informed perspective on the tiny house movement.  Check out her work here.

As a healer and believer in the gift economy, Karin?s choice to live tiny allows her to gift medical care to people every week.

Martin shares a historical perspective on the tiny house movement, and what it?s like to have a tiny house parked on his property.

Ben’s tiny house journey weaves in a meaningful piece of his family history with his personal vision of living on his own terms.

After years of researching different ways of living in community, Joan decided to create an intentional community right where she was, by hosting a tiny home on wheels in between her own home and the neighbor?s. Joan is also co-owner of Portland Alternative Dwellings.

An Aussie now living in Portland, Ben couldn?t resist the creative challenge of building a beautiful and functional tiny house. With busy professional lives, he and his wife are spending their precious evening and weekend hours trying to get their tiny house ready before the Oregon winter rains arrive.

After nine months of traveling the globe, Jenna and Sean decided on a tiny house as a way to simplify their lives, reduce their impact, and focus on what really matters.

More to follow on Monday.

And some big news coming next week too. Join our mailing list to find out first!

Over and out.

Kelly & Jeremy



  • Katie Irwin

    So excited about this! Love the concept, love living ethically and love design! Can’t wait to hear more!

  • Benn Kovco

    Well done on phase 1 guys! Really looking forward to seeing how it progresses and to catching up with you both again soon!
    All the best,

  • Lee Pera

    This looks great and happy to see folks I know involved in this effort. I do hope you all can get out and interview folks in other areas of the country as well and from diverse demographics. While wonderful to see all the lovely faces on this page, it also makes the tiny house movement seem like a pretty homogenous movement, and from our experience here in DC, the faces of the tiny house community and movement look more diverse, and I’m hoping that can get communicated through this film.

  • Dani Willis

    I have so much respect for these individuals and what they have accomplished! The struggles were clearly evident, the obstacles were overwhelming, but they pushed through! You all so courageous and are my heroes! WELL DONE!

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