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Interview with Logan Smith & Tammy Strobel

Being between filming phases is giving us the opportunity to continue chatting with tiny housers far and wide. This week, we’re sharing Logan and Tammy’s story from a recent email interview.?Logan writes Smalltopia and Tammy writes RowdyKittens.

Logan and Tammy?document their?downsizing journey?beautifully?(including the switch from?cars to bikes?and the?refrigerator experiment)?on their blogs. Through their blogs and Tammy’s?books, these two inspire and inform others about the joys and benefits of tiny houses and simple living.?

Enter the interview…

How long do you plan to live in a tiny house?

As long as it suits us. Life is dynamic and constantly changing, so it is difficult to plan to not change.?We have lived in our tiny house approximately two years now and don’t plan to leave, but that could all change tomorrow. We try to be open and prepare?for change?to embrace a resilient lifestyle.?

How does living in a tiny home impact your finances?

It is tremendously less expensive […] granting budget freedom to pursue other endeavors. However, being on a trailer, there is a depreciation cost to the asset, so unlike a traditional home, a tiny home will likely be worth less used.

Where do you plan to put your tiny house in the future?

We plan to keep it on my family’s cattle ranch. If we ever move away it will be our vacation home.

What have been the biggest challenges with your tiny house?

Parking and finding a location to call home that meets all of our needs.

Tell us about your experiences with the tiny house community?

The tiny house community is very open and altruistic, and tends to bring people together like community barn raisings used to.

What do you think about the idea of several tiny houses on one lot with a central, shared kitchen/garden?

I love the idea of community housing. It’s a wonderful thing to build interdependent and mutually beneficial relationships.

Building a tiny house is a big undertaking! Tell us about the experience.?

We did not build?our own tiny house. We took a workshop from?Portland Alternative Dwellings?and realized that we’d rather continue?doing work we love, pay an artisan to?do what she loved, and have a better quality?house??in the end.

?How did it feel to build your own home??

It felt a bit opulent to be designing and having a home built. However the house fits us like tailored clothing […] it has just what we need.?


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