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Introducing Launcher Lab

Introducing, Launcher Lab, a performance marketing agency that helps startups and e-commerce brands get measurable returns from their digital advertising. I’ve been working on it for some time now, and now it’s finally out in the world and open for business.

Launcher Lab

In 2015, Chris and I released a massive post (see below) that detailed how we managed to build an audience and share Small is Beautiful with the world. A lot has happened in the years since.

I’ve worked on many crowdfunding campaigns, as well as for startups and e-commerce brands trying to make their mark on the world.

In the ~7 years since I’m learned so much about digital marketing and e-commerce. Having run campaigns as small as $500 a month, to campaigns with 7-figure budgets. And, now, I’m helping other startups & brands build their own online presence.

Do you need a Performance Marketing Agency?

The first step to understanding performance marketing is to see what it’s not. Performance marketing isn’t a strategy; at its core, performance marketing refers to specific techniques. There are many agencies that specialize in performance marketing across different industries.

Successfully harnessing performance marketing requires a clear understanding of your goals, as well as commitment from everyone involved in achieving them.

At its core, performance marketing is about measuring the results of the marketing and associating billing with results.

Do you need a Performance Marketing Agency?

Performance marketing differs from traditional advertising models in that companies will often pay for results (leads, sales, etc.) rather than impressions or monthly retainers.

Depending on your business, you may be able to manage a performance marketing campaign on your own. Or you may want to bring in an agency. For example, a local service provider that’s just getting started can take advantage of inexpensive online ads but will likely benefit from assistance with defining goals, setting up landing pages, designing tracking systems and more.

An agency can also be helpful if you want to address a more complex marketing problem or you have big ambitions for scaling online sales. A performance marketing agency has deep experience with search engine optimization, social media, paid search advertising, conversion rate optimization and more.

In choosing an agency, look for one that shares your values when it comes to honesty (do they share client successes as well as failures?), transparency (will they give you monthly reports about key metrics?) and agility (can they make adjustments quickly when needed?). These qualities will enable both parties to work productively together over time in helping your business reach its goals.

If you’re looking to scale your digital marketing efforts head over to Launcher Lab and get in touch.


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