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Why are you interested in Tiny Houses?

This is the first page of my notebook from nearly two years ago. Why build a tiny house??Why am I interested in Tiny Houses? I talk about why I don’t have a tiny house and instead have a documentary about Tiny Houses in this video. My ideas were to have: – A small portable and . Read More.

The Tiny House Survey 2015

A couple of years back we posted some Tiny house infographics. All of the data and statistics came from a tiny house survey. After a long chat with Ryan, he shared the data with us and we had the talented Selena Kearney?make some pretty infographics. Now, combined with a bunch of people in the tiny . Read More.

A Golden Age of Indie Documentary Filmmaking

By Chris Kamen, Producer As we prepare for the release for Small Is Beautiful, I have been thinking back on the past couple of years, and it’s become pretty clear to me that it’s never been a better time to be making indie documentaries. Thanks to the maturation of DSLR video cameras, crowd funding, and . Read More.

Help translate Small is Beautiful into more...

We want to be able to share the tiny house movement with as many people, in as many countries as possible. We’re currently working on English and Spanish subtitles and want to know; what language would like to watch?Small is Beautiful?in? So far we have people interested in: – Spanish – French We’d love to . Read More.

Ben Builds A Tiny House – A sneak peak...

Ben started building his tiny house on the 1st of September 2013 and hoped to be finished by Thanks Giving (November 28th 2013). Some things just don’t always go to plan. This is a short “sneak peak” into our documentary?Small is Beautiful. The documentary explores the real life journey of building and living in a . Read More.

Tiny House Lessons From the Snowpocalypse of...

Happy New Year, friends! In the last post, I alluded to the theme of interdependence as one of the lessons we learned from our fundraising campaign. We reached out to you with an idea we were passionate about, and you responded with your hearts, enthusiasm, posts, tweets, and more. Thanks to you, a few weeks . Read More.

Small is Beautiful – Notebooks

We collaborated with illustrator Melissa Rachel Black and Portland-based Scout Books, to create a beautiful, environmentally-friendly notebook for all you dreamers and tiny housers out there. Why did we create these notebooks? Inspiration. We love dreaming, and therefore we love notebooks and sketchbooks. In fact, Small is Beautiful was first conceived on notebooks in Airbnb . Read More.